January 13, 2016

Of Swollen Lips and Fire-trucks

Category: Critter Stories

“Mama! Mama! There was a terrible accident! Squirt…fire truck. Under the car. He fell. It was horrible, Mama! Terrible. Squirt bleeding a lot. Fire-truck. Was a terrible accident, Mama!”.

That was what I heard at the end of the line as I did my usual recently-established routine of calling the kids before their bedtime for a natter to tell them either I’ll be working late or that I’ll be coming home soon. Hearing those words, I had WTF! zooming past my head at 200 km/hour. Is this for real? What’s going on!

As Spud rattled on and me trying not to freak out, I heard Silver Bullet’s voice in the background,” Wait… wait wait…give me the phone. You are exaggerating. Let me speak to Mama”

Then Spud went, “But Papa! It was a terrible accident!”

Silver Bullet:  “ Let me speak to Mama. Don’t scare your mother like that”

By then, my heart was racing. I did not know what to think, but Silver Bullet’s voice didn’t sound terrifying. But then again, unlike me, he usually has a calmer head even when he was about to hit a cement truck!

As soon as Silver Bullet took over the phone, he explained to me that it was not anywhere near as horrible as how Spud had described it. Yes, Squirt had a little bit of an accident. Yes, he had fell off his car.  While at that, slipped onto one of his small cars and then went a-tumbling into his fire-truck toy chest. When he fell into his toy chest, he banged his mouth and his lips hard into the edge of that toy- chest. [Ouch!] His lips bled and swelled up real bad. All this happened at home, and we know that Squirt tends to harvest worms and ants in his pants.

So, now that THAT was clarified, it didn’t sound so bad after all. But, mind you! That little unexpected outburst over a phonecall did scare the crap out of me. I mean, words like “accident”, “fire-truck”, “Squirt under the car”, “horrible”…all used in the same sentence! WTF.

In the scheme of things, it was funny. I only came home to a boy with lips looking like it had undergone lips implant. The offending car and fire-truck still intact. Absolutely nothing to worry about.



Yes kids, please do not scare your mother like that. Not with those words, and never, I repeat, NEVER over the phone! Not like that.

A Bit Of Everything
  1. Boy, do I miss those phone calls!

    • Hahahaa! Always ‘fun” eh, Linda! I’m sure you would have a lot of stories on that. 😀

  2. I had to call my Mom at work and tell her I broke my arm. I went on for a few minutes and she finally asked why I called. “Oh thought you should know I broke my arm.” “When?” “About a half hour ago.” “What are you doing now?” “Laying on the floor with my feet up. I’m a little shocky.” The phone went dead and twenty minutes later she was there. I was 12 and thought everything was under control. I had just finished a first aid course in Boy Scouts so I knew what to do. Long story short we ended up in the emergency room. I can say with all my calm efforts Mom still freaked out.

    • “Thought you should know I broke my arm”…LOL…I can imagine the stoic face when you relayed that news. How your mom’s heart must have pounded. But mom’s a mom, right! Freaking out is what I am pretty good at being one. 😉

  3. Uh-oh! Glad it wasn’t all that bad.
    P.S. Sorry if I’m absent a lot, hubby just went through a major spinal surgery. Know that I’m still your biggest fan 🙂 Hugs

    • I’d say “uh-oh” to you too with your husband’s spinal injury, Jas! What happened? I hope the worst are over and he is recovering. Sending my love to your family!

      For us, it wasn’t that bad at all. Just lip plumping! LOL. He was up and about within minutes and ready to go again! 😀

  4. I can imagine the horror you might have felt hearing those words. Glad it’s not as bad as it sounds. But I still hope he’ll be well soon.

    • Yeah! Can you imagine? I was imagining the worst! It was a relief though. He’s up and running within minutes – kids are resilient that way! Thanks for stopping by, Lux! 🙂

  5. Oh bless him, that is quite an impressive trout pout he has. There is nothing like a toddlernto add a bitnof drama when retelling a story. I hope you have sufficiently recovered now.
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

    • Heheheee…isn’t it? ;p He’s well recovered – the swollen lips only lasted 5 days or so. Thanks, Tracey! 🙂


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