September 5, 2009

Living Simply

The less time I have for myself, given that I’m spending more time at work, confirms the fact that I don’t really need all that much to keep me going. What I really need is just food, water and sleep. The very basic of Maslow hierarchy of needs. The physiological needs. Because without those, I can’t function even if they keep pumping my salary into the bank every month. Because I spend most of my waking hours working, it means I don’t have the time to be spending the money that I earn.

Does that make for a very sad existence? Not at this point since those basic needs are hardly being fulfilled while trying to get to the top of the pyramid (self-actualisation) and somewhat securing the middle pyramid (safety/love & belonging/esteem). To me, it is a testament of a certain possibility of living your life simply. Forget the fact that it will make a sad existence. Think about the fact that while trying to earn your bread and butter, we can get by with less. No need for other material things. Live simply. Focus on the needs, not the wants; and still lead a decent, happy life.

Which brings me to another point whenever Silver Bullet asks me what I want for my birthday. My biggest problem is giving him a specific answer. I can’t think of anything and that’s because there’s nothing I really,really want. For some reason, big rocks, diamonds, jewellery and what nots are also just not my thing. What do I do with those stuff anyway?

So maybe, just maybe, it’s a good thing I can’t think of anything tangible I want or need. That would just mean I don’t need much material things to keep me happy.

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  1. Kim

    Big rocks are not your thing. I know you’d never ask for them. Ever. But don’t say no when its presented hor?

  2. Silver Bullet

    It’s true that it’s a good thing you don’t really “want” anything, means you’re happy I guess.
    Still, doesn’t make my job any easier when it comes to birthdays….

  3. Silver Bullet

    Kim, she’s not getting one from me, so if it’s presented, I’d rather she’d decline :p.

  4. #Kim:
    no lah..won’t say no outrightly. the desgn will also play a part. But I’d ask what the hell am I gonna do with this rock..there’s only so many I can use to accesories before I look like a blinking xmas tree!

  5. #Silver Bullet:
    enough liao lah…but if gold can still sell, hor! :p


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