October 14, 2012

Life in Routine

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We have come to realize that with kids, it is all about routine from the get-go. While we had close to none b.c (before children!), fortunately for us, we somehow managed to get ourselves organized into a comfortable routine when Spud was born.

When Squirt came along, we learn to adapt, and tweak the routine as we go along. Morning and evening are our two manic, but the important times of the day. It is during this time when we are at our busiest, trying to scramble through what we have to do to either kick-start the day or settling the kids down. It is the two main key routines, where, despite some flexibility of timing, there is no negotiation for deviation no matter where we are in the world, for it gives us and the kids some sense of order.

In the last four months with Squirt, we have since settled into a routine which is comfortable for us. Here’s just a run down on how we go about our day in trying to juggle 2 very young kids:

Morning  – Usually starts at about 6 am
  • Silver Bullet gets himself ready first
  • I’ll feed Squirt if he is up (usually he is up at 5 am), otherwise we both take turns to get the kids ready – Bath/Shower, get dressed
  • If it is my turn to shower Spud, I’ll get into the shower with her while Silver Bullet takes care of Squirt. If it isn’t, then I’ll shower only after I have Squirt has had his bath.
  • Silver Bullet then will dress Spud as I get myself ready. In the weekday, the Nanny will usually take over Squirt (he gets impatient from waiting) to keep him occupied. In the weekend, we try our darnest to try keep him occupied as we get try to get ready before he wails out of boredom.
  • Family morning breakfast comes next – Silver Bullet feeds himself and Spud while I usually pump in tandem as well as multi-tasking to eat my own breakfast and preparing Squirt’s morning bottle feed at the same time.
  • After breakfast, we get out of the house together. Squirt gets a shower of goodbye hugs and kisses from his Papa, Mama and Little Big Sister, Spud.
  • I’ll then drop Spud off to school before heading to the office. 

On Saturdays, we usually are out of the house pretty early to make it in time for the kids’ swimming lesson. The rest of the day is pretty loose – we do errands , try to get the kids in bed for their afternoon naps and then trolled the malls.
On Sundays, we tend scratch our heads after breakfast in trying to figure out what to do to keep the kids and ourselves occupied for the rest of the day.
Evening: Starts at 5pm
  • Spud gets dinner. Squirt gets his reflux meds
  • In the weekends, one of us will shower Spud, while the other gives Squirt his rub-down.  If I am on my own in the evenings, I’ll shower and dress Spud first before I start on Squirt
  • Spud gets her milk and half an hour of TV time.  Squirt gets booby time in front of the TV.
  • Spud brushes her teeth before we put her to bed
  • During the weekday, I’ll leave Squirt with the Nanny as I get Spud into her bedtime routine (Lullaby on, story-time, recap the day with positive reinforcements, hugs & kisses, say good night and close her bedroom door behind me).
  • I’ll then take Squirt from the Nanny, and does his bed time routine.

During the weekend, we’ll usually bring Squirt with us to Spud’s bedroom if he is not too cranky. Otherwise I’ll leave Spud to Silver Bullet and say good night to her after I’ve put Squirt to bed. (She gets agitated if Squirt fusses in her room while we try to settle her for the night)
This still isn’t prefect, and we will still be fine-tuning the routine as we go along. For now, it seems to work and has become some sort of glue to pull our chaotic daily lives together.

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