May 16, 2012

Kid’s Fashion

Category: Being Parents

Kids are just weird, I tell you!

When Spud was much younger, she was never into wearing bibs. The moment we put a bib on her, she got cranky and would immediately try to get rid of it by pulling it away from her neck. Never mind if the bib looked cute, or even trying all sorts of different designs on her, Spud did not really care for it.

So after a lot of tries, we gave up and did away with bibs altogether for almost a year. She dirtied her top, we just changed it as many times as we needed to. Sometimes, we (mostly, me) just let it be.

And me being me, just really could not be bothered to dress her up like a girly-girl. Save the odd occasion of putting a dress on her on a “just because” reason. Most times, I think it is much more convenient to dress her in T-shirt and shorts!

Recently, while cleaning up her wardrobe, I (re)discovered that she had a Muay-Thai boxing shorts tucked away in a pile of her clothes. It was still new and has yet to be worn. It was a gift from her Dutch Uncle and we have completely forgotten about it because for a long time, that shorts was just too big for her. It was a nice find, and quite a cute little number! Definitely a perfect fit for her to be running around the house with.

Add that to her unruly hair cut by yours truly, Spud was quite the model for kid’s fashion disaster, courtesy of her laid-back Mom!

And anyways, back to the bib story….

Then suddenly, out of the blue she showed some interest in bibs – so much so that she volunteered to put it on herself and run around the house with it. And of all the bibs that we have, she showed a particular interest in “Miffy” bib – one that we got free from KLM on our first trip to Holland.

I don’t quite understand where the sudden interest came from, but I had a sneaking suspicion that our Nanny may have something to do with it when Spud started to drool incessantly some months back. For some reason, she just managed to get Spud on board with using bibs better than us!

I managed to get a few snapshot of her in such outrageous ensemble. It is such a joy to be a kid – at this age, they just don’t know any better! [No judging (me) here! ;p ]

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