March 2, 2011


Category: Thaism

This is no ordinary card.

This is a name card I received while exchanging pleasantries in a corporate environment.

The company’s name as well as the name of the person printed on the card are blurred out to protect the innocent.

And that word there below the name is actually the person’s designation. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

And, to my knowledge this particular person ain’t no therapist. I question if I should take him seriously.

It is a very interesting job description nonetheless and I cannot get over it.

Only in Thailand.

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  1. Erm… May I ask if you eventually found out what is the simple Job Description for the designation: Inspirer?
    Very curious lei.

  2. I hv NO frickin’ clue. when I asked,he just replied, ” I inspire…” and laughed about it.

    I think I should ask again. I shld be able to regurgitate silly stuff to inspire people around me and then actually get paid for spouting nonsense! :p

  3. Keep me posted! =D

    I also want a JD like that.

  4. Tell you what — set up our own company and you can have all the crazy titles you want in the world! 😀

    Honestly, I don’t think I feel comfortable flashing out THAT namecard under a normal corporate environment. Imagine the conversation:

    1: Hi – I’m so and so.
    2: Hi – Ok. and so what do yo do?
    1: Oh! I’m an Inspirer
    2: (if it were me), I’d go…”Right!” (major eyeball roll)

    fact is, how can you CLAIM to be an inpirer by sheer introdution? In such circumstances, it is appearance…and imagine if u look a bit ‘off’ in your dressing…inspire what?! >_<


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