March 28, 2011

Girly Stuff

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This is about as girly as I can get…
All in, it took me no more than 2 hours to get my manicure, pedicure AND a foot massage done all at the same time. For me, that is about an acceptable amount of time to pamper myself on any given day. Any longer than that, and I get restless. I’ll be so lethargically bored out of my wits that I just want to bolt out of my seat pronto! Don’t ask me why, but I guess it is just how I’m wired when it comes to preening up and being preened. Even a 2 and a half hour full-body massage is pushing it by my standard as it usually is hard for me to last that long at one place, without constantly wanting to wriggle out of that state.[Sleep, on the other hand, is a different level altogether. Given a choice, I’ll probably just sleep my life away — quote-unquote Silver Bullet’s words to me]

Hence, if I can find a place that saves me time by doing all 3 at the same time within a time frame I can tolerate without having to make any appointment a definite plus, (and getting a fairly decent results and service as well),

I am sure that there are many similar places, but the place I am familiar with and usually go to is called “Take Care”, located at Sukhumvit Soi 33. It was first introduced to me by my former Thai boss who happens to be quite the girly girl and, she gets her nail done like every other day at this place! It was also quite funny how she introduced the place to me, I remember. Appalled that I was not going to do anything about my nails nearing to my wedding day, she actually nagged at me to no end and insisted that she takes me to this place. She even made the appointment for me, and almost sternly told me to show up and meet her there over the weekend just a few days before my wedding took place in Singapore.

She only stopped her nagging when I finally relented that I’d go to get my nails done with her. She even insisted this nail spa thingie to be her wedding present for me. What a woman, I swear.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise, for if it was not for her, I would probably not know the existence of this neat place.

Take Care is a pretty decent place, and they usually do a good job on both manicure and pedicure. To top it all, a mani-pedi session usually comes with all the works, akin to that of a mani-pedi spa treatment. (Well, sort of; but you get my drift).
They probably have this feature for ages, but I have only recently realised that the cushy chairs (pictured here on the right) for their customers are also massage chairs! I guess I found my 4-in-1, less than two hour heaven on earth!
This is really what I’d call an efficient use of time.

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  1. Blue nails! …. I didn’t figure you one for that! =D

    This is so you when made to describe girly-girly things GRUDGINGLY: To top it all, a mani-pedi session usually comes with all the works, akin to that of a mani-pedi spa treatment. (Well, sort of; but you get my drift).

    Yah babes, we got your drift. We’re just glad you’re getting some deserved pampering!

  2. The colour was actually grey-dah! not blue. :p It was a nice shade of grey…i liked it! But for the life of me, don’t know what the colour code was.


  3. Well, knowing my obsession with such nail paints, I will hazard a guess if you can tell me if it was from OPI or ChinaGlaze or Orly or ColorClub.

    But knowing your pattern… Heheh

  4. Easily one of those as Take Care does use OPI and one (or was it 2?) brands I cannot remember. (see I know THAT much.:p)



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