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Sunday Humour: Conversation with a Bot

Have you tried chatting with Google Assistant?  It’s not our biggest hobby to be chatting with bots, trust me. But when the kids discovered that they can ask Google Assistant (almost) anything through voice-activation and got a

Sunday Humour: A Riddle

It’s been a while since I’ve been riddling. Here’s one for you: Credit: Google Image Sometimes the lame ones are the best to leave you guffawing to the core. What’s your lamest riddle(s) yet? Let’s start the

Sunday Humour: Bingo!

It’s a whole new world of Bingo-land in the corporate world: Credit:Google Image The saddest thing is that I’ve Bingo-ed a lot on this and on every single straight line. Let’s also not forget the number of times

Sunday Humour: What’s in a Shape

Here’s the ultimate truth and the holy grail of truth: Credit: Google Image   I’d say grape shape is not a bad thing at all. Definitely not a typo and certainly more than acceptable.  Here’s to being

Sunday Humour: Just Classified

When it comes to my job, I have the same problem when I try explaining it to other people: Credit: Google Image All in all, describing it as Top Secret is a very good explanation. After all