July 30, 2011

Bangkok Taxi

Category: Thaism

It was raining, I was stuck in traffic and I had nothing better to do but stare at things around me before I decided to take a picture of this sign plastered on the window of a cab I was in:

Clearly, a bunch of No signs, and while I can decipher most, I still struggle to understand the significance of some. From left to right, this is what I can make out:

  • No Buffalo (Well, at least I think the picture looks like a Buffalo. And, in Thailand, to call someone a buffalo is extremely insulting.)
  • No Weapons (I can understand this)
  • No Screwing (Seriously. I mean, seriously!)
  • No Dogs (OK. I understand. They stink)
  • No Bottle of alcohol (an irony, because I swear sometimes I think the drivers are drunk themselves!)
  • No Durians (Completely understand. I don’t like them too.)
  • No Smoking (Yep. Agreed; although, some drivers still smoke and drive at the same time)

Signs like this are actually not uncommon in Bangkok. And, honestly, I think the signs are just taking the piss, and put up for aesthetic reasons only, with no direct consequences.

Next time you are in a Bangkok taxi, pay attention to some of those quirky ones you might just encounter!

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