July 21, 2011

A warm welcome home

Category: Baby Milestones
I was in a little bit of a daze as I walked out of the office to make my way home the other day after a very rough day at work as my mind kept on going back to a very unpleasant (and one that was below the belt!) incident which occurred earlier in the day.

I remember that I was still in a far-away land when I took the elevator up to our apartment as I continued reflecting on my horrid day at the office. I did everything without being conscious of anything around me…but the moment I opened the door, there was this little girl flashing her biggest grin, smiling away as she immediately left her nanny’s side as the door opened and came (almost!) running towards me. She had both her arms open wide and when she got near me, she immediately grabbed my legs, still flashing me her contagious smiles!

In my somewhat dazed mode, it took me a little longer to realise what had happened! In all that excitement of seeing such a happy face, I had immediately forgotten all about my work woes as I frantically tried to let go of my bags before scooping Spud up in my arms.

I then noticed that Spud looked a little odd; and as soon as I realised what it was, I burst out laughing.

The nanny has tied up her tiny bits of hair at the top of her head, and I thought it looked a little silly! Silly in a funny way as it was a look I was not used to.

Spud on the other hand, probably reacted to my big outburst of laughter and started to hyper-ventilate in excitement; prompting her to look happier than she already was.

There and then, I melted.

I realised I had just received a very warm welcome home.

Indeed, after a long (and shitty) day at the office, I really do not mind coming back home to that and the sight of this.

I have surprised myself yet again for feeling this way. It certainly was very heart-warming for me and I could not resist planting loads of kisses on her fat and squishy cheeks!

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