June 29, 2016

That Damn Cat!

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If you look at the pictures below, you’d think he is one hell of a lovely and affectionate cat, right?


You are not wrong. Donut is very lovely and affectionate. He is an American Shorthair, about 8 years old and possesses a very mild temperament. He loves to snuggle when the humans are asleep and when he sleeps, he actually snores!

He purrs a lot too but can be just a little bit of a closet bully to the other 2 cats. He is quite cute I must say. Would you like to adopt the bugger?

He is Silver Bullet’s cat, but as I happened to be his chosen human, I’ll vouch for his fantastic personality and would not have the heart to give him away.  Except that until about 2 weeks ago, I was so ready to give him up.

That was how mad I was with him after discovering (at around midnight!) that he had peed on and all over my laptop bag.

Not only did my bag stunk of cat’s urine, all the contents in it were bathed in pee-perfume! My stack of business cards in it was damaged, as did some of my office stationery and notebooks which I had to discard. I have not checked the condition of my USBs yet but they were pretty wet and stinky when I took them out.

Most importantly, my entire pouch of go-to medication containing several prescribed-only stash left from Bangkok was ruined. I had to throw them away and I do not have any spares.

Fuming I was. *Grunt* Especially since I think I have been reasonable enough to let him get away with the occasional crapping on our bed and his peeing spree on all the new kitchen rugs, doormats and bathroom mats. Use the litter box, dammit! That’s what they are for – not on our bed, not on the rugs, not on the mats and certainly not my laptop bag. Those are not for crapping or peeing.

Thankfully, my laptop itself was not in there or I think I would have thrown that cat out of the house and into the streets that very night. Oh, trust me! I was so, so close to doing that. I even had adamantly voice my sentiments to Silver Bullet, to which he pretended to ignore like I hadn’t say anything and let me cool off. *Grunt*

Donut seems to have sensed that I was pretty mad at him and for at least a day after that, he did not show himself up to me. Then slowly, he crept back in…purring and doing all the stuff cats do, to get the affection he thinks he deserves.

Image Credit: Facebook Feed

We have since made peace but Silver Bullet has been given an ultimatum to the fate of this cat of his the next time he pees on my personal belonging.

I hope Silver Bullet is right when he said that Donut would only ever find a spot outside the litterbox if he finds his litter a tad dirty. He defended the cat, vouching that the bugger usually does his business in there if it is clean enough for him.  

A tad dirty, says he. Clean enough, says he. Bloody hell. It’s not like we don’t clean up on a daily basis. What a cat!

My guess is, the one who has the litter cleaning duty twice a day (at least!) would be Silver Bullet from now on. Donut is, after all, HIS cat. He was the one who chose the bugger amongst the many once upon a time.

The real question is:  Can I even bring myself to give him up? Would I really do that? I think I can and I would.  But I do kinda like the bugger a lot actually.  It’s just his occasional peeing everywhere habits that I cannot stand.

Urggh. What do I do?! What would you do?!

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  1. Have you tried having two litter boxes? My daughter has one cat and she occasionally peed on the carpet even if the litter box was clean. Attention seeking, or what? So my daughter got her another box and it helped. If three of your cats are sharing one box, it might be a territorial thing, but I am no expert…Good luck! The bugger IS cute 🙂

    • Hmmm..you know, we have 2 litter boxes already. They did say (ideally) 1 litter box per cat, so maybe we need another one.
      If you hear his voice, I bet you’d think he is even cuter. He’s got the softest, mellowest and saddest sounding voice I ever heard in a cat! He’s probably just a little crazy or weird. :/ They do say the weirdos attract the weirds…heh!

      • Lol, true that. Does he get to wander outside? Maybe he’ll get lost one day….haha.
        Btw, the plugin is working! 🙂

        • Yayyy! To plugin. Truly grateful for the tip! 😀
          Hmmm…we sometimes leave the backdoor open, but he;s cautious. He ventures out for a few seconds and then rushes back in! LOL. Maybe in time! There are loads of cats out there and I think he’ll be mauled. :p

  2. I like All That Jas advice of a second litter box. That cat wouldn’t last long at our place. Not that we expect a cat pee free house, but a cat that destroys stuff would find a new home pretty quick. You’re good to keep him!

    • Yep…that’s where I scratch my head too, Eric because we do have 2 litter boxes. :/ I can imagine a cat like that wouldn’t last long and he really had me by the tether. I’d be pissed if my laptop has been inside the bag and I’m sure I’ll throw him out that night (Although, Silver Bullet might go pick him back in again). He’s behaving so far…he’s lucky he has Silver Bullet as his saviour!

  3. They’re such affectionate creatures. Moody, but affectionate.
    What a cutie!

    • He is cute, Lux. Fortunately our cats are not very moody. They are just not too right in the head (I think!)


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