March 7, 2011

7 Months

It has only been about 5 months since the Battle of the Bottle, yet it feels like ages and eons and eons of time ago since that happened. The only reason I’m bringing this up is because recently Spud decided that she no longer wants to have anything to do with the boobs anymore. Na.Da.

I’m afraid she has officially gone on a boob strike…and I think for good.

Once a very close and guarded ally, she now treats my boobs like a natural enemy. In the last two weeks, she no longer wants me to nurse her like I usually do when I come home from work before putting her to bed. She has definitely shown a stronger preference for The Bottle and she screams her head out, crying bloody murder every time I shove her The Boobs. She will tug, she will gum, she will twist and pull really hard; and she does not even have any teeth yet! She literally does not want to go anywhere near my boobs, and we both ended up distressed after every try. She only calms down when she gets The Bottle. Talk about coming from a humble beginning!

To be honest, I don’t really mind that much. It kind of makes weaning off the breasts a little bit more easier than I could ever hope for. However, I can’t help being two minds about it as well. I mean, being able to just “whip-it-out” as and when she needs it can be really convenient than having to pump all the time just to make sure she has sufficient supply for the day.

That being said, while I don’t mind Spud going off the breast sooner than later, I sometimes miss that closeness breastfeeding brings. (Ok. I admit I cannot believe I just said that! *blush*)

I suppose it is her little way of telling me that she is now truly done with my boobs; albeit in a somewhat violent way. 

Oh well! I guess it is just one of the littlest sign that our little imp is growing up…

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  1. I remembered the way you described it to me: Its like its the most hideous thing she has ever seen. Get it out of my face! =D

    Remember the tears of joy shed when you folks were on the way to dinner with Koen’s folks and daddy had to specially make another round in the car just coz you didn’t want to lose momentum coz Spud FINALLY took to the bottle?

    You sure came a long way from THOSE days baby! =D

  2. Slap me if I ever forget those things! :p

    You said it..a very darn long way, indeed.


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