Monthly Archive:: October 2015

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Broccoli-based Macaroni Alfredo

Smooth, creamy, cheesy… with broccoli-capsicum base infused in an Alfredo sauce, makes for a quick and easy meal to a simple macaroni meal. This is a great power meal for kids as well as for picky eaters who

Sunday Humour: Grass is Greener on the Other Side

We live in a world of BS.  Funnily enough, people buy BS. WE buy BS and things always look good on the other side – thanks to BS. That’s why I love the above funny quote. It’s

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Easy Peach Strudel

The thought of peaches had occupied my mind loads in the past few weeks.  And after finding that I still have phyllo dough, yoghurt and whipped cream in my fridge that were about to expire, the electrons

Sunday Humour: The Nice and Normal

  So true, isn’t it? Especially those who tend to be overtly nice and like anything and everything about you; even when you know yourself that you completely looked like crap that day and the compliments of

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Ayam Lodeh

For the uninitiated, “ayam” means chicken in Malay. Easy enough. And “lodeh“…hmmm….how do I even translate that? I’m scratching my head thinking about it, and, really, really, what in the world is this word “lodeh“? Honestly, I