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A Re-Blog: Meet & Greet!

A couple of days late, but if you are looking for new blogs to explore or just want to expand your readership, hop on over to Dream Big, Dream Often NOW! ——————————————————————— Credit: Dream Big Dream Often

Sunday Humour: A Matter of Perspective

Credit: Google Image On weekends, such is the state of our home for the entire day. Then I count to 10…really, really, slowly…after telling the kids that whatever is on the floor will be systematically binned. And

Back to School: A Momma’s Rant

The kids have been home for too long now since the school had been closed for summer vacation about 8 weeks back. Even after shipping them to summer school for almost 4 weeks, there were still 3

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Omelette with Chives, Chillies & Onions

This omelette dish has always been a staple in our home. It’s usually served as an add-on dish complementing white rice, a meat/seafood dish with gravy and stir-fry vegetables. It’s something I grew up with and has

Top of the World

Have you ever had moments when for no apparent reasons, random words just trigger a melody or a song in your head, and then you would be humming that song for days? I’ve always have moments like