September 13, 2013

Reflect and Ponder on Reflecting and Pondering

Like every other human being in this world, there comes a time when one tends to reflect and ponder on the serious stuff that was etched into one’s life experiences. I do that too, every once in a while, except that this time, I happen to think that “reflecting on life what ifs and what-happened –and-I shouldn’t have-done-that-but-did-that-instead” without any concrete action to address what you actually reflected on is just a bloody waste of time!

I don’t know where all that overwhelming feelings came from, but the waste-of-time factor that came from pondering or reflecting (whichever you prefer) and not being able to do something about it at that point in time was so strong that I felt so compelled to stop pondering further.

My guess is, that tipping point came after months and months and months of useless pondering of my “Maybe Baby” project which I mentioned earlier in one of my Thought Pieces posts.

And after enough reflecting and one that was enough to annoy me of my own incessant waste-of-time pondering, I decided that it was time to move along. By that, I mean go and do something about it.

So, in the last month or so as I waited out my employment notice, I battled my insecurities. I shamelessly contacted people I know and people I don’t know to get some sense of owning a domain, doing a blog migration, contemplated (and actioned!) on web design overhaul as well as trying to get into the real technicalities of behind the scenes of blogging (which has proven to be too technical for my super simple and un-technical mind).

It has been yet another learning curve. Before I knew it, I committed to contract a very capable and dynamic web designer based in Singapore to help me with my new site and the works behind it. Sounds completely crazy and out of the blue, but the fact that I finally did something about my senseless pondering and get it done was BIG. For me.

I figured, except for a small investment, I got nothing to lose. If anything, the new site will look fresh, swanky and I can use it for the kids’ unfortunate inheritance – both Silver Bullet and me have got no real money for them when we die.

While waiting for that to happen, I came to a conclusion that I learnt something valuable from that experience:

  • People don’t always respond. Keep trying, anyway. Have a thick skin. BIG, SUCCESSFUL bloggers or web-designers will certainly ignore you, but one kind soul out there will eventually respond. 
  • If I didn’t try, I will never know. And if I fail, at least I tried. Having an always-learning mindset is crucial to my mental health and the goodness of my soul.
  • Do not let other people get the better of me and let them make me feel down about myself. Getting an ally who really cares and sincerely support my cause, helps boost my confidence and morale.
  • I have always advocated that it is important to engage with people younger than you, as I think they would be able to guide you to things that you are not familiar with. More than you would ever care to know. 
  • I don’t need to explain myself as all I really need to do is just say what I need to say. There will always be some nasty soul twisting my words around and misinterpret what I say.
  • If, in my lifetime thus far I have observed all rules dished out to me, I don’t think I’ll get to anywhere. In this case, I have out my rebellious streak to good use.
  • The GUT is almost always never wrong. Use it to guide your instinct with decision-making.

Last but not least, stop fricking pondering and just bloody do it. You won’t always get it right the first time, but it’s a start. You have crossed over that invisible line of go and no-go.

With all that in my back pocket, I am feeling really excited with the imminent birth of a new site in a matter of months.

Please, stay tuned. 🙂

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  1. I love this post it is so raw. Thanks for writing it 🙂 I totally agree with your points especially the one about always learning:) Found your site through Tiny Expats. Peace

    • Hello Lucy! Thanks for stopping by. 😀 I’ve actually forgotten about this post and I’m glad you like it!


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