Monthly Archive:: September 2013

All fired-up!

This must have been one of the longest breaks from blogging I have ever had in ages and travelling is not one of the reasons as to why there has been a lack of posting in the

Eavesdropping Spud

On this one rare occasion, we allowed Spud to eat her small cup of chocolate ice-cream as she sat at the back of the car, in the comfort and safety of her car seat, while the car

The bridge with a warning

Spotted on the railings of a stairway on both ends of a bridge: What I saw as I walked up the stairs What I saw as I walked down the stairs Signs such as these never fail

Reflect and Ponder on Reflecting and Pondering

Like every other human being in this world, there comes a time when one tends to reflect and ponder on the serious stuff that was etched into one’s life experiences. I do that too, every once in

How to sketch like a pro!

This is super cool stuff and whoever did this how-to,  makes drawing a still-life spoon looks amazingly easy. Had I tried to attempt this, I am pretty sure it would turn out to be something not so