August 13, 2013

Spud’s 3rd Birthday Bash

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If Spud have had the privilege of her paternal grandparents visiting AND throwing her a small party when she turned two last year, this year, Spud has been blessed once again with a home-made birthday cake, complete with hand-piped frosting from her maternal grandmother when we were in Singapore over Hari Raya for a short visit last week.

Imagine that! A three-year old getting a slab of my Mom’s priced family recipe, time-intensive, no-egg yolk-no butter, steamed-for-4 hours- Rainbow Cake  and one of my favourite Hari Raya healthier- alternative cakes, is a treat I don’t even get for my own birthday. (I need to get the recipe!)

What an awesome treat that was!

While Spud didn’t want to blow out the candles and preferring to lick the bottom of the candles instead, she could not wait to cut the cake and sink her teeth into the multi-coloured slab before opening her present from us.

Spud’s a lucky little girl  – that was her 2ndbirthday cake in a span of 3 days (the first was an advance joint birthday party celebration with one of her younger friends) with the promise of a 3rdthis coming weekend with her playmates “if she behaves”.

Spud licking the frost off the candle
Spud cutting her cake as her Nya-i looked on
“Present! Is it a Cheshire cat?”, she asked
Spud and Mr. Cheshire

She then spent the rest of the evening not only playing with her new Cheshire cat, but also chasing my Mom’s British Short-hair around the house as she attempted to smother the poor feline with hugs and kisses. I bet Coco the Cat feels utterly relieved now that  he is no longer victimised by 2 strange kids in his home.  

Spud cuddling Coco the Cat
Squirt wanted his fair-share of cat, too and Coco the Cat was not too amused!


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