May 4, 2013

Holland 2013 – Day 4: Driving Northeast

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The drive to our chosen holiday park at the De Heuttenheugte, Drente turned out to be rather pleasant. And, even though the kids refused to nap in the car, they held themselves pretty well till the end of the day.

We got in to the park just several hours earlier prior to their mandated 3pm check-in schedule. While waiting about, we hung out at the main recreational area, called the Market Dome, for a bit of a look-see. The entire park was pretty huge with acres and acres of land, and fitted with more than 400 bungalows ranging from a 2 bedroom to a 4 bedroom villas.
When we could finally check-in and got everything sorted out, it was time for the kid’s to go off to Sleepyland. They both had their own rooms and, while Squirt went down without a peep, it was harder to convince Spud to sleep in yet another strange bed without any lights on. It was a battle not worth having, and so for the next 4 nights at Centre Parcs, Spud slept in a room as bright as the daylight!

With the kids all fast asleep by 6.30pm, we spent a boring but nice quiet evening (it was really, really quiet!) resting on the couch and watching TV. I hardly moved after that, and blended in nicely with the brownish-orange couch. (I hurt my back badly earlier on in the day from carrying Squirt too much.  Every movement hurt so bad and I was in pain for at least 5 more days!)   

Going to a holiday bungalows such as this and the one we went to De Lommerbergen a few years ago, is just something the Dutch do all the time. It is more of a Dutch thing, more than anything else.

Here’s a snapshot of our then-temporary home:

Exterior view of the bungalow (Source: CenterParc’s website)
Living room, dining area, kitchen and path to Master bedroom
Living Room and Fireplace

More information on the park can be found here.

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