May 10, 2013

Holland 2013 – Day 11-16: Anything goes

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Given the extended period of bitter-cold winter that hit Europe, there was not that many tulip fields blooming this time. It was a real shame as I had hoped for some luck with the tulips. We did not make it to Keukenhoft this time round too. (Review of Keukenhoft visit can be found here)

Whatever time we had left, we took it real easy.

On one of the days, we went to a Bakkerij Museum at Medemblik when we ran out of ideas where to go. It is a small museum that displays and explains the bakery tradition in Holland which dates back to as long as 100 years ago.  It is run by volunteers and they sell freshly baked cookies, chocolates and candies – all baked in the most traditional ways.

Really ancient mixers
That was how they roll (then)
Hand-made candies – a rare fine.
Spud (and me!) salivating at all the hand-made chocs for sale
Another really ancient baking  machine
The baker guiding Spud what to do
This is how Spud rolls!

I was quite amazed at the old-skool baking equipment which they still have as exhibits in the museum. At least Spud had some fun decorating her own cookie!

The rest of the last few days in Holland included us either visiting or receiving visitors, having a day out in Amsterdam and leaving the kids with grandparents (yes!yes!yes! whole bloody day!) and leaving the kids with grams (again!) for a couple of hours while we ran some errands or needed some alone time.

Before we knew it, it was time to do a big clean-up and pack for home.

It was all sunshine when we got to Holland, but on the day we left and headed out to the airport, it started drizzling away in a very Dutch fashion.

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