April 4, 2013

Eavesdropping Spud

Spud has recently gotten into the habit of asking people around her if they are OK. Several times in a row. They usually tend to come out of nowhere, and a typical conversation would go like this:

While having a meal:

Spud: Are you ok, Mama?
Me: Yes, I am ok. Are you OK?
Spud: Yes.
And a few minutes and several times later,
Spud : Are you ok, Mama?
Me: No, but I’ll be if you start putting the spoon in your mouth and eat your meal! Or, yes, I’ll do much better if you start listening to me more or No, I’ll be happy and dandy if you stop taking your brother’s toys away from him while he is still fiddling with it!
You get the idea.
And so one morning, this conversation happened while I was walking Spud to school
Spud: Are you OK, Mama?
With a wry smile, I replied: Hmm..not really Spud. I feel quite sad today. (I had a bad day at work the day before and it was eating me up. Not that Spud knew any better, but as soon as I said it, I thought that perhaps, it was not something I should have “imposed” on a little child) 
Spud: No, no sad, Mama.
I then squeezed her hand and gave her a smile and said I’m OK. She then went, “You need to go to the doctor!”
I had to laugh real hard. Bless the ignorance and innocence of a young child.

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