March 18, 2013

Life to her years

Category: Being Parents

Quite a while back, I stumbled upon a neat site of one Dad’s tips for adding life to a daughter’s years.

I particularly find his anecdotal quotes captioned in the pictures he published moving, if not downright hilarious.

This is what he says about himself on his “Life to Her Years” blog:

They say that father and daughter will always have that special bond. And I have a sneaking suspicion that, for Silver Bullet and Spud, it has only just begun.

Wait. I lied; that special bond started more than 2 years ago. And with pictures like this, it could only get better from here.

A doting father with a big,red bow on his head and all in the name of amusing his offspring couldn’t be more appealing. Well…at least I think so!

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