March 20, 2013

Inside-out Duplo Jello

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Inspired by a posting I stumbled upon to make Duplo Jellos several months back, I finally got on my arse and bought a packet of agar-agar powder in my bid to surprise Spud (and her friends who were coming over for a weekend play date) with edible duplos.

I was revved up. I made them in 3 flavours – melon, strawberry and orange and coloured them with food colouring accordingly. I then took the instructions for what it was and spent half an hour in the kitchen to boil some water, dissolve the sugar and the agar-agar powder as well as meticulously cleaned 31 pieces of Duplos to make those jellos…

…only to realise later that I had made them inside out! Gahhh!!!

I guess I was simple-minded. The instruction looked so straightforward and easy that it did not cross my mind that the Duplo Jello idea I nicked of a Facebook posting could have pointed to a Duplo Jello MOULD I should be buying should before even I begin to attempt making a Duplo-like jello. Big Duh!

I should have realised that sooner, but like I said, I was simple-minded. And after slaving through 31 pieces of Duplos in trying to get those darn jellos out, I felt cheated and stupid. 

Spud was amused, and enjoyed licking the jellified jellos while they were still in the duplos, but she did not enjoy eating them. I thought the texture was a little hard, too. I was so impressed with my jello skills that I forgot to serve them to the girls when they came over for a play date the next day. (I binned them soon after) They didn’t miss much – they seemed to be contented watching Finding Nemo while wearing identical-looking bows on their head, thanks to one of the moms. 

My only consolation is that at least the majority of the duplo pieces are now finally being washed thoroughly. They have even been sterilized and are safe for babies and toddlers to stick them in the mouths again.

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