January 4, 2013

The one with the ant bait

While we had lodged in a complain several times to the management of the apartment with regards to our ants infestation problems, we have also tried to find solution on our own – simply because the solution which our apartment provided was not working too well.

Sure they provided pest control – but that did not seem to deter the ants from coming back. With the last complaint, instead of trying to get to the source and eradicate their nests wherever they may be the apartment, the technicians came back to our home to instead plaster up all the holes in which the ants may have come from. Needless to say, the ants found some other holes to come out from!
The influx of ant population out of nowhere to our residence has since resulted in Silver Bullet’s near obsession in trying to find that perfect bait to create an ant holocaust. Finding a near-perfect type of ant-bait he did, and we are finally seeing those ants taking the baits to bring them back to their nests – quite an intriguing sight to watch!
Then came the pest control once again – with their ever willing attitude to help us kill those pests.  (Bless them!). When I got home in the evening, the resident manager of the building stopped me short in my track as I was about to take the elevator up. She was so full of enthusiasm and wanted to update me on the pest-control deed they had administered in our home whilst I had been away.
She then declared that the technician, had this time found the source of our ants’ infestation and, “K. Sleeping  Dragon – many , many, many ants came to this box and they go to the wall and bring this back into the wall. Many, many ants come here and they like this. So technician give me this and I show you”, said she.
She then proudly showed me the evidence they found to be full of ants – the very ant bait (which took us days to find!) removed from the spot we had placed for the ants and all kept in a ziplock bag.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

I tried to keep as straight a face as I could when I saw that, while trying to explain to her that those things are poison and that we are using that to try to kill the ants. And that, yes, the ants are attracted to that and each ant would then bring a little piece of those into their nest, which would be fed to the queen. We hope that they would eventually die.
She seemed shocked at my explanation and then offered me the ziplock bag with the bait already scattered all over within it. I had to decline and told her that it probably would be best if she makes sure that she washes her hands clean because those things are poison. Again she seemed a little bit surprised.
For the second time, I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry. So I smiled and  thanked her for her effort, and went on my merry way up the elevator with a silly smile on my face as I shook my head as I could not wait to tell Silver Bullet what happened.
This…is my Thailand.

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