January 19, 2013

My Me Day

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“Mama, Happy Birthday, Mama!” said my 2.5 year old daughter with a big smile on her face as she gave me a slobbery kiss right after she got out of the shower and ambushed me while I was still in bed. I reckon she did that at Silver Bullet’s instigation.

It was a sweet wake up call.

It was in the middle of the week, it was a working day and it was incredible to be able to start the day by not being in the office. The prospect of not having to do any work or having to deal with anything that remotely resembled work just for one day (while being acutely aware that my colleagues are busting their ass off!) was appealing.

It was a “me day”, and I had taken a legitimate birthday leave as granted by my organization to just dedicate the day to myself.

Apart from getting 3 new releases of Green Day CDs from my other half as my birthday gift, there was absolutely nothing special planned.  I took the day easy by having a nice little breakfast by myself, going for a post natal consultation and followed by a 1.5 hour foot and back massage. I treated myself to a mandatory chai tea latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, then spent pretty much of the afternoon just walking around town with no agenda before heading home to tend to the kids. I tried doing some shopping, but I gave up because I got bored and I couldn’t really find anything that I like. I was tempted to go get myself another round of foot massage – but I didn’t have time for that.

While I enjoyed the day to myself, I was also looking forward to see the kids later and then spend a little bit of time with Silver Bullet in the evening.

I don’t care for much as I mostly like my birthday celebrations low key and fuss free. That being said, my 36th birthday was probably one of the most low-key birthdays I ever had. As soon as I got home from my “me day”, I tended to the kids, put them to bed and settled up all the prep work or the kids that needed to be done for the next day.

Silver Bullet only arrived home slightly before 7.45 pm as he had left the office late, and by the time we had dinner, it was 8 pm. We ate left-over noodles (maggi mee noodles which I had cooked the day before) and had our nice little fancy meal in front of the TV. I then had to pump, clean the pump and prep my pump up for the next day. By the time I was done, I was beyond exhausted. I was in bed by 9.30pm.

It turned out to be one of the most memorable fuss-free birthdays I could ever have had – and eating some left-over home-made fried noodles made by me was quite a nice touch to my own fuss-free birthday “celebration”.

It was simply…epic.

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