January 1, 2013

7 months

As of two Saturdays ago, Squirt is officially crawling! He has been quite a mobile little thing these days as he continues to perfect his crawling skills.

Just several weeks ago, we observed that Squirt has been painstakingly learning to slither around on his stomach whenever he gets some floor time.  The boy has been practicing real hard, and every time he scooted around, he used every inch of strength he has in the arms, back and neck.

He has been making good progress as he propelled along like an inch-worm to cover some serious half a meter distances to get to a toy which he was eye-balling from afar. Sometimes, he moved backwards.

It’s looking like he has been nothing but extremely persistent with his crawling practices. While he does get frustrated after trying for a while in the initial stages, the drive he has appears to be relentless.  He kept on trying, and trying and trying and trying – and most times, always with a smile on his face.

He had refused to sit for a long time  – not because he cannot, but mainly because he just did not want to as it seemed that he was giving priority to learn how to crawl. He has demonstrated that he could stay upright for almost a minute when we sit him up, but he would quickly topple over and get on his tummy.

I reckon, he probably thought that sitting would just be a waste of time – after all, why bother sitting as it can’t get you anywhere when you can be mobile by inching your way through the house! As of today, he still hasn’t mastered the art of sitting just yet.

In fact, just a day short of his 7 month’s birthday, he has been trying very hard to pull himself up to a stand. He is happiest if he is being walked on his feet as we support his little lithe body. I keep telling him that he needs to sit up first, and then stand up even before he starts walking. The boy ain’t listening…

With solids, he seems to have a preference over commercial jarred food rather those I make at home – something which I am not too thrilled with! He loves his sweet potatoes and hates his peas and rice cereal. Pumpkin is a hit and miss, and because of his reflux, I am a little reluctant to feed him carrots, apples and a whole lot of other reflux-trigger food.  

It is still too early to gauge if he takes to solids as easily, but I am hoping – really hoping – that Squirt would be kind enough to cut us some slack in the food and feeding department.

He has by now completely rejected the boobs. When I offered him my breasts a couple of weeks ago because he was wailing away while waiting for his bottle, he took it but did not really quite know what to do with the nipple. He then gummed it and immediately gave me strange looks as if I was a nutcase.

He couldn’t figure it out and it seemed like he has forgotten how to breastfeed. I found it so funny that I burst out laughing – only to get stranger expressions from him as to why this crazy woman was laughing her head off like a silly old witch. Oh well! Just as well – no love lost in that area.

Here’s Squirt getting a few pointers from one of our resident cats on Crawling 101 – very noble of Fudge considering that Squirt has been chasing the living daylight out of her since he discovered that he is now quite mobile.

At such a young age, I can tell that like his sister, Squirt is going to be a big, fat cat lover.

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