December 8, 2012

The Shang-story

Shangrila Hotel by the riverside has got one of the best brunch, lunch and dinner buffets in Bangkok. Although, prices don’t come cheap, it still is one of the best places to go once in a while or for special occasions.
While we have heard that they have a very kid-friendly area and it is a popular venue amongst expats during the weekend, we have never ventured there with the kids in tow. And so, when Silver Bullet’s parents came by for a quick visit one weekend, we decided to take them there for a nice little brunch – with the kids.
Spud was just too happy to run along to the play area which the restaurant had set up when we got there. Unfortunately, being a “kid-friendly zone” in Thailand does not necessarily mean hazard-free.

Not only had theyset up a small buffet corner for the kids next to the play area (which was fine), they also had placed several open fire underneath the chaffing dishes  Shocked at what I heard when my father-in-law told me about it, I thought we ought to inform the management to complain about it.

I was appalled to see how they had set it up – every chaffing dish had an open fire underneath them and lots and lots of steam were coming out of a few of the chaffing dishes  as kids continued running around in that confined space. 

It was one of the most ridiculous sights I have ever seen.

Call me paranoid, but, in my mind, it would only take one second of sheer carelessness on the kids’ part – intentional or not – and they could get terribly hurt.

Unfortunately, even though the complaint was acknowledged by one of the staff, it fell onto deaf years. 2 hours later, the chaffing dish were still there, and so were the fire underneath them (a few closed up with aluminum foil), still steaming away next to oblivious little kids.
I guess this is one of those “This is Thailand” moment. Nothing ever changes even when there is a clear need to. And when it comes to safety, posh and reputable places or not, every place and everything is just an accident waiting to happen.  
Amazing Thailand.

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