December 18, 2012

Monsters in the cupboard

Category: Being Parents

Our cupboard in the living room is full of junk. No matter how hard I try to keep it as organised as I can, it ends up being cluttered all the time, as, all other things and little knick-knacks that do not have their own place in the various parts of the apartment, somehow ends up in there.

While looking for other things in one of the shelf the other day, I came across this:
I had to chuckle when I saw that. No wonder at one point in time, Spud went berserk when she tried to tell me there IS a monster in the cupboard, post her Halloween Party celebration at school.
So there really IS a monster in the cupboard. I guess she knew what she wanted then and was having a rather hard time trying to articulate that to me.
And I thought I knew it all! I guess, I just didn’t know any better. 

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