December 12, 2012

Fresh red rubies

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Pomegranate fascinates me.

I love how nature designed the fruit consisting of hundreds of juicy, crunchy seeds that glisten like red rubies when they are fresh. Those seeds provides me with endless hours of self-entertainment – I like to devour them by attempting to eat just one seed at a time, squeezing out those crunchy bits and let the juices do tiny little explosions in your mouth. 

I feel like I am writing food porn – but that is just what it is to me with pomegranates.It is also one of those fruits I would love to introduce to my kids when they are a little bit older, mainly to keep them busy.
According to wiki, Pomegranate juice provides about 16% of an adult’s daily Vitamin C, and is a good source of Vitamin B5. It is also listed as a high fiber  – which is entirely contained in the edible seeds and supplies unsaturated oils.
Like the freshly squeezed orange juice widely available from the mobile-cart vendors, pomegranate juice is also available in the same fashion, although not usually sold by the same vendor.I am always amazed as to how the vendors painstakingly squeeze the juice by hand using only a simple metal “juice squeezer”. 

Worth the 40 baht to quench your thirst if you happen to get a freshly squeezed fruit that is actually sweet. Sometimes it can be a hit and miss.


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