December 15, 2012

A perspective

Category: Being Parents

Every time we take Spud to a playground, it amazes us as to how eager and how quickly Spud finds herself a play mate. If there are other kids around, she would already be playing with one or two (usually older) other kids and chasing each other around. It is not like they knew each other before, but somehow they just clicked.

They played together, they helped each other, and they waited on one another for the next big slide with no care in the world. Such a joy to see them play and interact.

And when it was time for us to go, we would often encourage Spud to say goodbye personally to whom she was playing with, after which she says her byes with a parting “see you later!”

 Such is the sweet innocence of young children. 
And as Silver Bullet and I discussed our observations, we can’t help but ponder at what point do kids become discriminatory. When do they start being judgmental and at what point do they start to discriminate other kids? That being said, how much of those behavior is a function of parenting and what they have been exposed to within their immediate environment.
One thing I learnt though, kids certainly teach us about living in the moment. As adults, we seem to lose that ability.

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