December 1, 2012

6 months

We have all made it halfway to the baby’s first year.
That is an equivalent of six months, 24 weeks, 181 days and 4344 hours since Squirt was born – and this little man is just growing, growing, growing and growing. And that in itself is another achievement.
Squirt had a growth spurt for about 4-5 days when he was 5.5 months old. No amount of milk could satiate his hunger, drinking as much as 900 ml of breast milk every day. I seemed to be never ending as I barely could keep up with pumping, and so we started to increase the amount of solids we have been giving him. Even before he got to 6 months, he is already capable of finishing up one jar of Earth’s best, and still consuming more than 800 ml of pumped milk.
“Lucky Butt”
At 6 months now, Squirt has finally mastered rolling from front to back, and back to front. He is a very busy baby these days. He seems to be gaining a little bit of mobility while on his stomach, and is able to turn himself around in various directions while on it. We have noticed that he is trying really, really hard to move himself by pushing his arms up and using his knees and toes to move along as if he is crawling. It’s not like he can crawl yet, and sometimes, he gets frustrated after a while after trying so hard. No signs of him sitting up on his own just yet.
Apart from crying, Squirt has also expanded his attention-getting repertoire by wriggling, making all sorts of noises and even screaming – especially when you take his toys away from his grasps or if he dropped his toys and could not reach for it.
The thing with Squirt is, unless something is wrong, he is not much of a crier. He is usually smiling, happy and explodes bags of laughter. He loves being spoken to, and every time he saw Spud running around like a maniac, he follows her intently with his eyes while making some incoherent sounds excitedly. I bet he is talking himself in to becoming like his fearless, bundle-of-energy sister!
With some form of sleep training and since starting him on solids, Squirt’s been sleeping quite consistently through the night. The only thing we currently are not too happy with is the fact that he tends to be quite an early riser –  waking up and ready to start his day before the crack of dawn at 4.58 a.m! When that happens though, we usually just let him be – and sometimes, when we are lucky, he’ll fall right back to sleep till about 6 a.m.
Squirt’s certainly learning that he can swallow bits of pureed jarred food and cereal we give him for lunch and dinner, but not his teddy bears. And so far, still no signs of any teeth just yet.
Squirt’s quite a different baby from Spud. He’ll probably be just as a handful as Spud is, but at this point in time, we can’t complain.  We are truly thankful that he naps several times a day for at least half an hour in his own bed. He is, all in all, quite a pleasant little thing. 
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