December 13, 2012


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Everyone was raving about this date yesterday. Somehow the entire world was celebrating the significance of this awesome, once in a life-time date and makes every effort to make it so extra special. Others, like me, pondered what was so special about this date apart from the fact that it is just a bunch of numerics.

But. Yesterday turned out to be quite significant alright! Not in a super-special, heart-melting, gaping in awe moment, but rather in a crazy-all-over-the-place- I-am-trying-very-hard-to-hold-things-together- frenzy-before-I-go-insane to ensure that things (or me) did not fall apart as Murphy decided to stick around from the weekend.

First, Silver Bullet took the bacteria-laden-baton from the kids and spent the entire day and night on the eve of 12.12.12 hugging the toilet bowl puking his guts out. Not sure sort of bug Silver Bullet had caught, but it was so bad that he was vomiting blood. Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep that night (thankfully the kids were out like a light!), and we both woke up that morning looking worse for wear.
Silver Bullet was pretty much out of commission. And, it is days like this that made me realised how useless I am with my non-existent driving skills. It is days like this that I wish I had learnt how to drive to continue to   get things going. No time for regrets (I keep telling myself I need to learn how to drive one of these days) – as, granted, things still need to be done, Spud still needs to be sent to school and it is imperative that someone needs to drive Silver Bullet  to the hospital. There just was no way in hell I was going to let him go on his own in the state he was in.
So it was a crazy busy day.  I scrambled along before the crack of dawn to get myself ready, get the kids showered and dressed (while making sure that Silver Bullet was not going to lift a finger ), prepared their first meal of the day, bolted through the front door to send Spud to school, accompanied Silver Bullet to the hospital, came back home to drop him off and picked a pair of concert tickets to be re-sold, then dropped it off to the buyer, rushed to the office, attended several meetings, did some work, left the office slightly earlier to pick up some Christmas gifts for the upcoming Christmas exchange in the office,  rushed home to check if everyone are still breathing, cooked, put the kids to bed, had some dinner and continue to do some urgent work before we hit the sack.
And oh. The tickets I mentioned about earlier was actually for a pair of tickets we bought circa a month ago when we found out that Sting was performing live in Bangkok on 12.12.12. Even though Silver Bullet thought I should go without him, I figured, it would be impossible for me to enjoy myself knowing that my other half was suffering in misery at home, sick as a dog. We both were quite bummed, and looking at how miserable Silver Bullet was, we had to give the concert a miss (with much regret). At least we managed to get the tickets sold, and that we someone else was enjoying the musical genius on our behalf.
On our part, we could only hope that there will be another time, and another place to watch Sting live
As it turned out, 12.12.12 was more eventful as than I could ever anticipated it to be.

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