November 4, 2012

White wash

Category: Thaism
A new craze in the form of a feminine “white wash” has recently emerged in the market. When I first saw it on the shelves of our local supermarket a few months back, I literally had to raise my eyebrows. Silver Bullet was gob-smacked when I showed it to him, too.
Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence (in which I had to stealthily snap a picture as quickly as I can before the supermarket staff saw what I was up to!) : 

There has got to be something unnatural about this obsession with whiteness. Not only do we for a fact KNOW that Thai women are obsessed with fairness and whiteness (white skin, white face, white teeth and even white underarms), but an obsession for whiteness of private parts is just too damn…uhmm…disturbing.
Rumour has it that it has become one of the best-selling items around. Bizarreness at its best – just the perfect example of blind consumerism. 
An interesting article with a point of view can be found here
Only in Thailand. 

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