November 3, 2012

Sights in Bangkok

Category: Thaism
Spotted:  Big Ben and Eiffel Tower
Where: NOT in London or Paris
Vantage point: From the balcony of a friend’s home 
Location: A rooftop of someone’s home
Evidence: See picture below

It was a weird sight. Fancy seeing not only one, but 2 of the world’s famous icons built to scale and both perched up on someone’s roof top, right here in Bangkok! I don’t think models like that come cheap, and  I just had to take a snapshot of it. it makes me wonder, too, who in their right mind would want those things perched up on their roof, especially when the building itself is looking so dilapidated.
I reckon, the owner of that building either had too much money, or just…hmm…what’s a good word to use…odd? Either way, it doesn’t make any sense. But nothing has to make sense in this country, and for what it’s worth, those iconic structure became a conversation piece for adults like us when we were brought together for a 2 year-old birthday party.
Imagine chilling out and sipping coffee in the balcony, and you can technically “boast” to your friends that you can see the Eiffel Tower and The Big Ben right at where you are.
Kind of lame. But also, in a way, cool. That’s my new word of the day for you – lamey-cool.

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