November 28, 2012

Rock Buns

Category: Food

My first memory of making my first rock buns dated back to more than 15 years ago at Home Economic class in my secondary school years – a subject I was not too keen to do at that time. But I remembered liking what I made and felt quite proud that I could bake!

I never did try to bake it again for some reason. I guess I just forgot…

Fast forward to last week, I had this sudden urge to look up the recipe thinking that I could interest Spud to play with flour and dough and bake with me. She wasn’t too keen when I asked if she wanted to make cookies on a Saturday afternoon, and opted to watch Dora instead.

So left to my own devices, I started making a batch and I was practically done baking in less than 25 minutes.  These babies are really easy to make and a good side munchies to have with a cup of afternoon tea.

While the recipe is pretty simple, I’m still not too happy with how it turned out – I accidentally burnt some and it was a little too dry. I’m still experimenting and will post the recipe once I am happy with the result.

Stay tuned!

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