November 21, 2012


A few days on post her Halloween celebration, Spud has apparently engaged the Nanny in a conversation about monsters. When I came home, the Nanny asked me if I had been telling Spud stories about monsters because when the Nanny asked her who told her such things, Spud went, “Mama says!”
Ahh… The irony of it all! You should have seen that quizzical expression on my face.
Thanks to Halloween celebration in school, Spud now thinks that almost every cupboard in the house is filled with monsters. When I came home the other day, she got so fixated with the possible existence of monsters in the cupboard that she went nearly berserk. She only calmed down after I opened the door of each and every cupboard as she cautiously inched towards the cupboard to see for herself that there were no monsters there. (What have they been teaching her in school?!)
Then, there were the sleep disturbances where she’d wake up crying after sleeping for an hour or two at bedtime and running out of the room screaming, “No monster, no monster!”
Halloween celebration or not, I guess such anxiety is normal for a 2 year old as part of a toddler’s cognitive and emotional development.
Come to think of it, monsters could be fun. Like Cookie Monster.
“C is for cookie…and cookie starts with C…C is for cookie and cookie start with C…oh! Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C…”

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