November 1, 2012

5 months

Little Squirt is just blabbering away now. At one point, I thought I heard him repeat after me when I do a friendly, “heyyyyy!” on him. He is also showing signs that he recognizes his name, as he is likely to turn his head when we call him. Now whether that is conscious or not on his part, I don’t really know. But it feels so nice to be able to receive something back when interacting with him.

It feels like such a long time ago when he was a 5 month old (roughly 20 weeks) fetus in my stomach.  That was just 2 weeks after I had to go for the imminent amnio test which freaked the hell out of me – physically and emotionally.  It was also the time when I had my second ultrasound – a highlight of the doctor’s visit for us to get a glimpse of the mysterious little human in me.

Like Spud, our doctor could never capture a good image of him. He was always moving, turning and playing gymnastics in my stomach.  Either that, my doctor was not a very good sonographer; as, an ultrasound scan to him would be more of a functional thing for him to do his job. Even when he pin-pointed Squirt’s profile to us (that’s his face, his cheeks, his stomach…), I still don’t know where or what exactly that he saw! Here are a few of the ultrasound shots of which I haven’t been able to make much sense of…They all looked like a big, fat blob to me.

At 5 months out of the stomach, he still loves flipping away and still trying to master flipping from his stomach to his back. He is into grabbing everything he can grab hold of and then putting them in his mouth. He can sit when supported, and has discovered the joy of being able to stand up on his own two feet when being pulled from a lying to a standing position.

Squirt’s a good 7.5kg now, if not more – and in the last check-up, even his pediatrician was surprised at how “well-rounded” he was at his age.

And, he comes with big smiles. He is this wide-eyed smiley, chunky baby and when he gets really excited, he flaps away like fish out of water.  He screams his excited screams as he tries to reciprocate or just to get attention. That being said, I noticed that he get over-stimulated quite easily – too much noise and too many people around him (read: chaos) usually bothers him , although it usually does not take us too long to calm him down if we take him out of the situation. I can’t really blame him – noise and chaos bother me too!

Squirt has been a far cry from his reflux days and it is something which we really are grateful for. We are looking forward to the day when we can finally get him off his medication.

A happy baby makes a very happy mummy. For now, I can only count my blessings that so far, Squirt has, in some ways, cut us some slack. He is quite a  joy to be with.


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