Monthly Archive:: October 2012

It’s Halloween!

Spud had her first Halloween today, mainly at the request of her school about a week ago to turn up for the day all dressed up in some Halloween garb. She was quite hesitant with the costume

Dark skies in Bangkok

It was 7.30 am…and yet it was looking like it was already 6pm in the evening. The sky looked menacingly threatening. As Silver Bullet drove us to drop Spud off to school, pitter patter of raindrops started

Dr. Seuss: Lessons in Life

So. Dr. Seuss imparted the 5 lessons in life and they are: #1. Today you are You. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. #2. Why fit in when

From someone else’s lens

The walk we did for the Babywearing Week 2012 connected me to a Bangkok-based photographer whose calling is that of a professional child photographer. She took some random shots of us, and I love how some of

This fear is real

Getting stuck in a perpetual traffic jam is a pretty common occurrence here. It is also a common phenomenon that no motorists in their right mind would avoid using the emergency lane in their bid to get