September 17, 2012

Rolling over

Category: Baby Milestones

Look who just flipped over!

Squirt’s been relatively busy in the past week or so, making him a little bit more cranky than usual as he gets frustrated in trying to accomplish things he cannot do just yet – like trying to sit up. At about  15 weeks, he not only discovered that he could bat or grasp his toys as he tries to mouth them, but he also realized that he now can roll over. 
He mostly rolls from his back to his front, and still hard at work in mastering to roll from his front to his back (and getting ever so slightly better by the day). That being said, the last one week has been a little bit rough for us when it comes to his night sleep.  I guess, Squirt just could not help himself but roll over when he sleeps; and when he can’t roll back and got stuck in an uncomfortable position, he inadvertently woke himself up (and us!) several times a night. 
Given that this is such a major milestone for him, we now have stopped using the wedge that we initially used to elevate him for his reflux as it could easily be a suffocation hazard. He has been so busy flipping over that I don’t think he noticed (or seemed affected by the fact) that the wedge is now no longer there!

More exciting days to come.

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