September 8, 2012

Door-knob cover

Category: Being Parents

In our quest to toddler-proof our home with our not-so-recent enlightenment of Spud’s ability to climb out of her cot, we now have further child-proofed some of the doors in our home in the name of safety.
We bought door knob covers – something which we had not thought of before the climbing out of a 1m cot bed. 
This means Spud could no longer turn any door knobs in the house once we have those door knobs covered. This is especially crucial since we have an attached bathroom in her bedroom, and the door knob covers will also prevent her from leaving her own room and wander around the house whilst we are sleeping at night when we use the cover from inside her room.
It’s a clever design this. 
The cover will only work if two circular parts are being pressed at the same time as when you turn the door knob itself; otherwise the cover will just continue to spin – much to the chagrin of a child, I reckon! For any child who can’t figure out the technique to open the door, this is a sure fire-way to annoy the crap out of them as the cover just will keep on spinning. 
With this, we can at least save Spud from her curious self as well as ease my paranoid mind of child safety!

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