September 16, 2012

Death of my Galaxy

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My stupid Samsung Galaxy S smart phone completely died on me recently.  
I have only had it for 9 months, but the damn thing started showing signs of being a pain in the ass when it hit 6 months of usage. By that, I mean that the phone kept on hanging even though I updated the firmware regularly, it switched off by itself for no reason at all, and it has the most annoying touch screen in the world!  
I never really liked it very much to be honest. I chose the model at that time simply because I was in need of a phone, it was the only model that was compatible with my service provider, and the fact that I flatly refused to get an iPhone or a Blackberry. 
I hated the size and most of all, I hated the touch pad – it was mostly extremely sensitive and other times, unresponsive. (Bizarre, I know!). Towards the end of its life, the touch screen froze completely and I cannot even tap my code to unlock it while I was out and about. I could hear messages beeping through, and phone calls coming in, but there was nothing I could do to retrieve the messages or the calls because my touch screen could no longer respond to my fingers. How bloody annoying is that!
So there and then I had the phone checked-up at the nearest retail outlet (not the most convenient detour, considering that I had wanted to rush home to feed my baby!), and was told that the touch screen had malfunctioned. I needed to send it for some repair work which could take up to a week. WTF. 
I hate having to buy a new phone, and buying one was certainly not part of my agenda that day. Unfortunately, that was exactly what I had to do. I have had it with the darn Samsung, and within half an hour (10 minutes to decide what I want, another 20 minutes of waiting), I walked out of the store with this:
Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
While I had picked out a HTC Desire V initially, I settled for this simply because it was on promotion. For the amount of money I paid, I get a free casing (not the prettiest, but averagely decent), two plastic protectors for the touch screen as well as an earphone. It was half the price of what I had paid for Samsung Galaxy S which was not inclusive of the necessary accessories, such as the plastic protectors and casings were, and still are, sold separately.
It was a good buy, and after an hour of using it, I knew I made the right choice. I like the size – slim, handy and fit in my palm, the screen resolution is fabulous, the touch pad is (mostly) precise and not as sensitive as Samsung Galaxy S. The interface feels smooth and responsive, and most important of all, I can unlock my phone seamlessly to do whatever I need to do with it.
This time round, I actually DO like my choice. I’m a simple person and I need only simple things to simplify my already complicated life!
I am a true Sony Ericsson babe.

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