August 27, 2012

The one with black forest

Category: Food

Black forest chocolate. Hmmmmmm.

Quite a huge bar of chocolate too. Hmmmmm.
I should have known that it will be nowhere near the taste of a desirable Black Forest Cake.
To be fair, the taste wasn’t at all bad. It was…okay. I actually quite like the cookie bits in it. But what spoiled it in my opinion, were the cherry jellies in it. They were so absurdly chewy that it was impossible to even enjoy a small piece of chocolate properly. I felt like my molars were all going to be falling off as the jellies got stuck pretty bad between the bottom and top molars, making it very hard to chew. Those cherry bits also tasted kind of weird. I ended up taking out every single cherry bits from every square as I don;t really want to eat them
I know for a fact that Cadbury has got some awesome chocolates, but unfortunately, this one is not one of my favorites. Certainly not at all like the black forest I know. 
This black forest chocolate is quite disappointing.A waste of space in my tummy.

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