August 7, 2012

24 months

It seems that we have come a long, long, long way away to this stage where Spud turns two!

Her Terrible Two stage started quite a while back; and by now we are quite unfazed as to what she comes up with. It can still be annoying at times, but other times when I look back they seemed quite amusing.

Like the time when she decided that she was going to strip herself naked for no reason. And then got obsessed with trying to put on her own diaper using Squirt’s diaper size (!). That kept her busy for a good 20 minutes, and the whole time she refused to have any clothes on.

Like the the time when she thought she didn’t need to have to put her pants on wth her Calvin and Hobbes T-shirt. She fought for 15 minutes with the Nanny, screaming and kicking and running around the house before the Nanny managed to get the pants on her. And after that, just like that, it was as if nothing had happened.

Like the time when she thinks that she needs a wet wipe every 2 seconds and use it as a diaper for all of her stuff animals. And by the end of the day, we’ll find tissues in almost every corner of the house.

And oh yes! She is certainly pushing her boundaries a little bit more each day, but tends to calm down better when she realises that she cannot get away with wanting things her way all the time.

Spud is our little big girl now. She is this girl who seems to have an endless supply of Energizer batteries in her body. She is lithe, she is mobile, she is energetic, she is restless, she holds no fear and is a rather “spirited” kid. That being said, transitioning her to a toddler’s bed suddenly became an urgency…quicker than we thought it would be (that would be another story for another time!)
Her words and vocabulary are exploding by leaps and bounds. She parrots our every sentence and copies our every move.  It still amazes me as to how much she remembers stuff, and she has a knack for remembering the last few words of every page in the books within days of reading a new book to her. 
She picks up difficult words quite quick too – at least quicker than me! One word which always cracks me up when she says it is “Vruchtenhagel”  (pronounced as vroooththunhahhel or something like that). It is a Dutch word for fruit sprinklers– which happens to be Spud’s flavor of the month bread spread for her breakfast in the last few weeks.  I can’t even remember it the first or second time of hearing it, and it  took me almost a week to remember that word (thanks to Spud repeating it over and over again), let alone pronounce it right., yet this little child managed to say it without putting in too much effort . Little child at this age can be so amazing! 
Spud has been really nice to me these days – she no longer rejects me like she used to. Funnily enough, her attitude towards me started to turn around right about the time when I was able to start carrying her again. These days, it has been quite fun to hang out with her.
It’s also looking like her Asian genes is showing up stronger…with..(dare I say it?!)…her looking more like me when I was a toddler! For her sakes, though, I hope grows up to be taller than I am with a better personality than mine.
She’s into bear-wearing…
Playing with sand at an indoor playground. I love her outfit assemble here
Happy, happy Spud!

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