August 8, 2012

#1 turned 2

Spud was spoilt rotten yesterday. With her grandparents in town this week, the whole family made some considerable effort to put up some decorative and balloons in the living room the night before her birthday.

She woke up with a surprise and went, “ooooooh…” when she saw the decorations and balloons. The day was pretty much hers – along with her Oma, we took her to the playground in the morning, took her out for lunch and in the afternoon after her nap, we had a low-key birthday celebration for her consisting of only family. 
It was nice. It was simple. She got to eat a really yummy chocolate cake, opened a dozen of presents and pretty much played and played and played till bedtime. 
She ate well (so well that she went to bed with a really full tummy that she threw up!) and she behaved really well too.  Above all, she was all cheery, supremely happy and loving all her presents!
It was a very good day, indeed and we all had a very nice time. Most important of all, we, especially her grandparents made sure that Spud was spoilt rotten on the day she turned two. 
Isn’t it great to be a 2 year old?

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