July 12, 2012

Oh! What a night!

Category: Baby Milestones

We haven’t been able to catch a break yet, struggling to function as humanly as possible with less than a combined 5 hours sleep over a 24-hour day period  for several weeks now.

This one particular day earlier this week appeared to be the day when Murphy hits town.
The day started off when Spud continues to push my buttons by taking more than 1.5 hours to finish off her breakfast. It was not that she wasn’t eating – she was; except that she was not chewing her food and swallowing it! By the time she managed to finish off her ONE slice of bread, Squirt has already woken up from his  nap – which means, the precious window of opportunity of me getting a half an hour shut-eye to re-charge my batteries from broken sleep were gone! 
Getting naps for the rest of the day after that was pretty much gone as we had to be at the hospital in the afternoon for Squirt’s reflux check-up; and so I turned into a (grumpy)  zombie personified once again for the rest of the day.
The joke was on us this time – we not only had to wait for more than half an hour waiting for the pharmacy to dispense his meds, but on seemed to be a day with rather light traffic, we got royally stuck for another half hour or so when we were just less than 200 metres away from our home – with a wailing infant to boot nonetheless. There is nothing like Bangkok traffic testing our patience. 
For some reason, on top of the above, this was one evening when:
  • Squirt did not go down at 7pm like he usually does.
  • For the first time in a long time, we had to leave our half-eaten dinner and tended to Squirt as he fussed  for another hour or so before he was sound asleep
  • While Squirt fusses, Spud then  started wailing her guts out – it turned out that she had vomited out her dinner and dirtied herself, her toys as well as her bed sheets
  • After settling them both, 2 really weary parents continued having their dinner.
  • This temporary respite lasted for a short moment as we got interrupted again by Spud’s wail – she had puked for the 2nd time.
So, off we went to clean her up for the 2nd time round.  By the time we were done with the kids and wondering if Spud was down with something, we were completely drained. I’m sure it doesn’t sound as bad as other people might have it worse than us, but when we have been on a continuous nights of broken sleep,even the smallest inconvenience seems rough.
The irony of it all was that when I finally managed to sit my ass on the couch and checked my email after all that hoolabaloos, I actually received an email with a subject that read. “5 reasons why your baby is night waking and won’t sleep.”
It was 9pm and it was bedtime; and a promise of many more broken nights ahead. 
Oh! What a night…

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