June 16, 2012

Khao Niao Monster

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One of the more fool-proof, sure-fire ways of getting Spud to eat her meals without fuss is to feed her Khao Niao, otherwise known as Sticky or Glutinous rice, a staple in the Thai diet.
We have never introduced Spud to sticky rice before, and it is not something we feed ourselves regularly with – if ever. And so, it came as a surprise to us as to how she has grown to like it, and even to the extent of asking for it. 
It turns out that a few months ago, our Nanny shared that she sometimes had to feed Spud her own lunch, mainly because Spud has been very being difficult with food and refusing the food which I prepared for her. 
Hence, out of desperation, our Nanny has actually offered Spud some of her own Khao Niaos.  Since then Spud has fallen in love with it. She likes it so much that she would actually be asking for sticky rice by saying “want shhhtickey rice” whenever we ask what she prefers for her meals. 
When all else fails when it comes to getting Spud to eat her meals, plain white rice of a pack of sticky rice with some fried chicken to go along with it would usually do the trick.  We also realized that she eats better when we give her a choice of food – be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
Somehow it works; although it usually takes us about an hour to feed her. 
Given her unusual liking for sticky rice, I now have (sometimes) resorted to buying her a few packs of sticky rice from the street stalls over the weekend as a back-up in case she refuses the food we have prepared for her.
Good thing that a pack of those usually costs no more than 20 or 30 baht! Those sticky rice can be quite a pain in the butt to make.

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