June 17, 2012

Juice Box Holder

Category: Baby Essentials

This has gotta be one of the best invention of all times for little toddlers learning to drink from a packet:

I do believe most of you readers out there are smarter than I am and could figure out what that blue box thingie is for. But if there are a handful of you who are quite clueless and ignorant like me when I first encountered this thing, I had a hard time figuring out its use; simply because it is not something I have seen in Asia!

So when Silver Bullet pointed out the use to me when we were in Holland, only then I realised that this box is god-sent! It literally solves the problem of little hands squeezing the juice container and the juice squirting all over.
Not that we give Spud a lot of those fruity-sweet fruit juices as she pretty much prefers water more than anything else, but when we occasionally do, I swear by this box. It is a great thing to have.
Unfortunately, it is not something I have so far, seen this being sold anywhere in Bangkok.

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