April 14, 2012

Selfish beings

I am annoyed.

No. Make that I am ROYALLY annoyed.
Annoyed and pissed off with the BTS commuters in this city, who seem to have no sense of consideration for other people, and are just being selfish beings – especially to parents who have their hands full with shopping bags whilst carrying a little toddler in their arms
I’m not sure if they are even aware of it, or if they did, they just didn’t care. But, it is appalling to see some of these commuters smiling, cooing and even touching Spud while she was being held by either Silver Bullet or myself, and yet, none bothered to offer us their seats, and left us standing in a crowded train for the rest of our journey. 
It really makes my blood boil, this. Even when I was a kid, I was taught to give up my seat to the elderly, pregnant women, parents with small babies and the handicapped. But no ma’am, not in this country apparently – and not unless you are a monk!
I just cannot understand why they harbour such mentality, and this transcends to both Thais as well as Farangs in this country. So far, maybe only 1 in 10 passengers ever offer us their seats and that, I find simply unacceptable and appaling!
Is this what the more modern, educated society has come down to?

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