April 8, 2012

Ladies’ Man

Category: Cats

Every once in a while, Silver Bullet gets to gloat on his position as King of the Castle as our feline friends bestow their honorary kinship to the man of the house…

This is the time when these cats, for some reason just can’t get enough of him as they showered him with loads of affection as their purring engines go into full gear. A twitch from Silver Bullet will send one of the cats meowing away with a tone of “how-dare-you-move” annoyance.

It is not very often that the cats will shower their owners with affection, and when they do, you almost don’t want to move them away.

It is quite endearing to see him become a “ladies’ man”, although,  I do kind of feel sorry for him when the cats have had enough as he usually ends up with the sneezing bouts that sometimes last for days!

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