April 23, 2012

Angmoh’s Ondeh-Ondeh

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My crazy husband has outdone himself.

True to his word from some months ago, he somehow decided over the weekend there and then, that come hell or high-water, he was going to make an attempt at those ondeh-ondeh my mom made when she was here last December.

I don’t know what came over him; I reckon it is another case of being itchy backside. So… bright and early at 8.30 am on Saturday morning, we battled the traffic and drove all the way to Bangkapi Wet market about 20 km away to buy freshly grated coconut and fresh pandan leaves; mainly because we have no idea where else near us we can get freshly grated coconut. All in all, we technically consumed more than 2 litres of gas costing about 90 baht (one way!) for a grocery bill of 48 baht. Talk about being environmentally friendly!

But that did not matter when it comes to gastronomical priorities! He was determined to make them, and I am all too happy to support his cause. 

So, I took a step back, left Silver Bullet pretty much to his own devices and was happily waiting around to be his ever-willing guinea pig. I only sneaked in a couple of times to snap a picture of him in action.

When his first ever ball of ondeh-ondeh was ready, the texture and taste were both pretty much spot on! You should have seen that look of triumph on his face.

What surprised me most was that he attempted making the ondeh-ondeh merely from memory he had by watching and asking what my mom use or did. As far as I know, he did not even bother to google it. (I certainly would!) How cool is that!

I reckon my mom will be so proud of his successful attempt the first time round.

I know I am. I mean, how hilarious is this? Silver Bullet is now easily the very first angmoh I know to be making a fabulous ondeh-ondeh.Hee…heh! Best of all, I now know that I cna have ondeh-ondeh on demand. Even his daughter appreciated the taste and asked for more.

Here is the recipe courtesy of Silver Bullet’s aggaration*

Angmoh’s Ondeh-Ondeh
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  1. Approx. ½ kg of glutinous rice flour
  2. 2 small sweet potatoes , peeled, boiled and mashed
  3. Fresh Pandan leaves, blend with some 1-2 cups of water and strained for juice
  4. Fresh Grated coconut, steamed and salted
  5. Palm sugar or Gula Melaka, cut to small chunks
  1. Mix glutinous flour with water and knead into a dough-like paste
  2. Add in the sweet potatoes
  3. Add in about half a cup of pandan juice made earlier
  4. Add a few drops of green colouring
  5. Mix in well. To gauge if you have the right consistency, make sure the dough stops sticking to your finger
  6. Roll into a ball and use your finger to make a well in the center of the ball. Carefully fill the well with palm sugar/gula melaka
  7. Then seal the opening of the dough and roll it into a ball again
  8. Boil until it floats. Take it out of the water and coat with the steamed grated coconut
Grubbs n Critters https://grubbsncritters.com/
Papa feeding Spud her very 1st ondeh-ondeh made by Papam with love!
  * Aggaration means estimation in Singlish a combo of Malay words (agak i.e. estimate)

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  1. mom fadzlon

    wow..wow..thats great my s.i.l picking up to make the traditional kueh and that little girl enjoying it thats nice. All ingrediants are correct mb dont use water but use the water that you boil the sweet potatoes. Btw good try.. thumps up

  2. it was yummy!Wish you could try. Those things went down fast! 🙂


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