Monthly Archive:: September 2011

Mind the manhole(s)!

Ever since an acquaintance from a long time ago told me a story about how he has seen one too many unfortunate incident of people walking on what seemed like covered manholes, and then unexpectedly falling through

Shoes for Spud

Considering that Spud has only been running around with boyish-looking sandals since she first needed some form of footwear, I thought that a nice looking pair of girlโ€™s shoe which is not-too-girly-looking would be appropriate for our

Building grit

I stumbled upon this article on โ€œWhat if the Secret to Success is Failure?โ€ at random as I was doing some desk research for work. It is a bloody lengthy article, all 9 pages of it and

Perspective of a cat…

This was tagged to me courtesy of Vicvanvinkle andย cracked me up a little. Unfortnately, I believe there is a lot of truth in it… Darn cats. ( But I still love them anyway!) Have I ever mentioned

Like father, like daughter

Hahahahah! Okay. ’nuff said. ๐Ÿ™‚