Monthly Archive:: February 2010

Selfish Assholes

People can be so selfish sometimes and I am appalled at some of the behaviours I’m seeing on my way to work. Last Friday seemed to be the d-day where the general population of Thailand decided to

Midweek Jokes

Funny stuff on placements all the way from Auranghabad, courtesy of Silver Bullet from his last trip:

Quote of the day

“There are none as deaf as those who will not hear” Source: Somebody’s status update on FB  Lovely quote and I love it!

The kaypo one

She may not like me all that much, but I still find her rather cute all the same as she attempted to read my letters for me upside down. Or was she? But of course, who am I

Tenant with your home, sir?

Came across this ad in one of the classifieds section of an English paper today: I’m sure the ad is written with nothing but good intentions, but somehow, it just sounded wrong. I don’t know what sort